21 February 2006

Being the outside designer…

I have not worked in other peoples companies much. I have worked for most of my life as a freelancer or as a contractor. I have had companies… but I managed designers mostly. Sometimes when we work with the in house staff things go great. We have great relationships. We do great work. Other times, it just does not work. We are seen as superior snobs… a threat. I don’t get that.

We’ve been called in a number of times to set up standards for identity, for brand, for marketing. Usually it is for a new perspective. Sometimes it is to capture talent that does not exist internally. Other times it is more political. Like no single in house designers has the authority, or the respect (often they really do have the talent and experience) to set these things up.

I suppose that it maybe too late to go back and become an in house designer. I suppose that is just another empathy that I am not capable of experiencing.