06 March 2009

We all need more Van Morrison moments…

These are tough times… I really don’t need to tell anyone that. Every day I talk to a friend, coworker or associate that is worried for their job, their company or just the state of the economy in general. We all do what we can to brace for the shocking turn of events or the inevitable, but in the end, the time stressing may not be time well spent.

I was heading home from work the yesterday day and it was unseasonably warm… I had the windows down and the radio up. The sun was shining. Three things hit me simultaneously and they turned my day around. I passed a construction site and the smell of fresh earth being overturned was unavoidable. A great song from my high school days came on the radio. And lastly, as I sat at the light waiting to make my left turn home, the sun peaked out and the warmth on my shoulder felt great after what seems like an eternal winter. These three relatively simple things converged to take me back to a time of optimism, carefree fun, and an excitement and anticipation for what the future holds. I could visualize in my head several similar convergences from my youth. Man, was that great.

Your particular flavors may vary… your music, your sensations, your memories… but we all need more opportunities to appreciate the moment, restore our optimism… and if for only a few seconds, shed the weight of our responsibilities. Here’s hoping you have your own version of a Van Morrison moment soon.