06 May 2011

Should we treat our bosses like we treat our kids?

There comes a time in every person's life when we need to realize that parenting is about doing what's best for the kid over the long haul. Yes we want them to 'be' happy, but making them happy day in day out is not. Teaching them to love themselves is the key... than and only then can they find happiness. Parenting is often about doing the hard thing... or more... about making your child do the hard thing.

In 'free agent nation' Daniel Pink pontificates about the average tenure of the corporate employee being very shot in comparison to our parent's era. Does this mean we answer up to extend or amplify our career? After all... we may not really be invested for the long haul. We may see ourselves with a five year stint... the company will go on... and I've got to gain as much ground as I can in those five (I'm exaggerating because my boss is likely to read this) years.

I think I am old school. I thin operating from the perspective that 'I can always get another job' is appropriate. It puts you in a position to answer hard questions, serve the bad tasting medicine and in short, do the right thing.