26 May 2009

Social media and transitions

I have argued that social media, in and of its own, is a bit of a novelty. Its real benefits are realized when it is purposed… as it ties to specific areas of interest and activities. This may be where MySpace lost its way. As a conduit for bands and fans of bands, it had a specific purpose and place in the world. Beyond that it has drifted in comparison to the drive and growth seen on other social sites.

Working through a change in location and new employment has put me in the situation of living in two places at ones while not really being at home in either. Social media, specifically Facebook, online discussion groups and even LinkedIn have provided some unexpected continuity beyond emails, phone calls, texts and face-to-face during this time. I am a bit surprised at the stability, comfort, and utility these sites have provided. Frankly, I am also surprised at my needs – or appreciation of these outcomes. These sites have allowed me to efficiently and effectively communicate status, updates and questions to friends and colleagues – and for them to respond. While it seems rather obvious in hindsight, it’s not the sort of thing I would have effectively predicted through my own projections.

18 May 2009

the quiet mind

Nothing original from me today… but I did run across a remarkable paragraph in a book I am reading called, ‘Effortless Mastery’. The author, Kenny Werner writes the following:

“The folly of human history is the search for this state (of mind) in things outside us. This explains wars, all the conquests of money, power, sex and other sensory experiences. The ultimate security one seeks can only be found within.”