24 December 2009

Women in hats

There are few better opportunities to contemplate the convergence of form, function and fit that a winter day in Chicago’s fashion center. While the utility of the hat may seem obvious, the complicated thought process in choice can be easily under estimated.

Obscuring or enhancing one’s hair is always a consideration. Some, will fight the need for a hat… others embrace it. For men it may be an over worked form of camouflage. For the record I really can’t stand those flat brimmed fabric hats that aging rock&rollers seam to favor these days and hey guys… ball caps are for the weekend. Top hats are fun, stocking caps, representing the essence of minimalist utility can project youth, danger and sport.

Texture, shape and color seem to vary tin order to fit the ensemble… and rarely does it seem that function is driving those attributes for women. Sometimes I think the nuisance of the hat is a portion of its allure.

The point being, if you happen to be struggling in your quest to fully explore the ‘why’ of a product, consider the hat. Consider the whys of the hat. Consider the whimsy and the purpose.