27 November 2006

Thanks… and I miss you.

Having relocated to a major metropolitan area, we (myself and K, plus the cats) have few close friends with which to share our holidays right now. We are thankful to be in a growing prospering economy, an area with a lot of history (from an American perspective), plenty of places to see and things to do within a few hours drive, and a lot friends that miss us. We are very, very thankful to be here now.

But, we miss a lot as well. We miss our family and friends. The folks I could call at a moments notice and go on a long run or ride. Also, Sunday mornings in the woods with the boys. Huge campfires, Sunflower bike shop, margaritas at La Parilla, beers at Freestate, Yellow Sub, Papa Kenos, the world’s greatest dentist and optometrist, Kansas Basketball, and most of all my daughter Meg.