22 November 2006

I greatly dislike web mail

In an effort to clean up my vocabulary and be more positive, I am attempting to avoid the use of the word “hate”. It is not working so well… but I keep trying. I am by nature a positive person, but there is much in this world that can be improved.

With the variety of email addresses – I suppose most of us now have – web mail becomes far from convenient. I love working with the Mac mail application. It is flexible as I want it and yet as simple as I at times want it. It just works so well for so many people with such a wide variety of needs.

My job now constrains the way I access my mail. I try and keep work mail, freelance mail, personal correspondence all in separate accounts neatly organized. But at work I am not able to mail out from the mail client. Firewalls and such… and I guess I am just too lazy to re configure the mail server settings to work there.

Enter the new client for mail at Mac.com. Thank you Apple. As gratuitous as this sounds my life is now back much closer to normal where email is concerned. Not an exact duplication of the mail application, it does any fan of 2.0 web aps proud. It is an excellent implementation of the interface and functionality. There are few minor things that can be improved – but I am one happy web mail camper at the moment.