15 May 2006

What I would be doing this week if…

Actually, it is in fact, exactly what I WILL be doing. I am attending the Strategy 06 conference in Chicago - most of you know that innovation is my passion and it will be the dominant topic for this event. The conference has been assembled by the folks at IIT’s Institute of Design so it will feature some of the great minds from both corporate and academic organizations that specialize in design and innovation.


From the web site, “The IIT Institute of Design Strategy Conference is an international executive forum addressing how businesses can use design to explore emerging opportunities, solve complex problems, and achieve lasting strategic advantage.”

I am excited to go, Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I will get to visit face-to-face with old friends, and see the city in the springtime. Oh – and how could I forget my priorities! My mission – to network, meet, listen and learn!

I will do my best to chronicle in a timely fashion my experience at the conference here, but I offer no promises. My mission is a bit selfish, but given time, connectivity and energy, I will post everything I possibly can. Stay tuned!