15 May 2006

Now… about that job?!?!

Having fulfilled my academic obligations (with the exception of the ceremonial component) it is time to seek gainful employment. At least that is what any parent would tell their graduate. And so I have set just such a course for myself.

Incidentally: having been an entrepreneur for many of my professional years, I have a growing list of business opportunities that I will gladly share for the price of dinner, lunch, or even a stimulating conversation. But the next phase of my career will be in the corporate sector.

Not being a traditional mid 20 year old graduate… I am a bit of an odd duck. As such, I did not participate in the traditional career fairs and cattle calls that frequent college campuses. I have substantially higher standards. I ask my self frequently, what does my ideal employer look or act like –I have found no easy answer, but here is what I do know:

I am looking for a company large enough to provide the sort of research and work group tools I have yet to be exposed to. I am looking for a company either smart enough or large enough to be nimble. I am looking for a company that is either in need of – or greatly value market intelligence and close communication with its customers. The company must also be in great need for – or have a passion for (or the variations of) the innovation process. I am looking for a company that has values, for its employers, for its customers, for sustainability, and contributing to live on this planet. Oh, and it would be great to locate near say… mountains… water… culture?

So what do I want to do? Manage or build teams. Teams that either investigate and builds scenario exploring innovative market opportunities, or teams developing those innovations. I have experience doing both, and am hoping that my three-year stint in academia does not cloud the perceived value of that experience. Stay tuned… I am sure that the process will reveal itself in some way here.