05 March 2006

A visitor in my yard...

A few days agao, after a series of very windy days, I noticed a small black object in the grass. I was on my way out the driveway and paid it nearly 3 seconds of attention. Days later, I have looked, wondered and theorized. Finally, I walked over to look more closely.

I am surprised that is is still there. I find it curious. Am not complelled to make an effort to return it (though it most likely belongs to a neighborhood child). Further, I am not the compulsive surburnabite that expends huge allocations of time to keep my yard at 'better homes a garden' level.

Days later (this totals over a week) I have figured it out. This is son of wilson. Son of wilson is the prodogy (or possibly a friend) of Tom Hanks' comforting volley ball - or was is a soccer ball - companion? He (I presume it is a he) has come to me in order to provide fellowship and comfort while I hold up in this abode, mostly at this computer attempting to finish my thesis while also paying the rent. Long days and short nights lead to drawing the necessary conclusions, not matter how odd. Thank god I am not living on Wistaria lane.