13 March 2006

I am finally coming around...

While reading yet another article about booting some variation of windows on an Intel Mac... I have decided it just does not matter. Well, except for the hardcore hardware nerds that is. Like anything else... pick walmart or target - choose whole foods or save mart, it is a matter for choice and style that does not limit what you do or what you purchase in the end.

The move of applications to the net will facilitate any hardware, any OS and certainly most any preference. Some of us who are accustom to a certain level of usability, user experience or even customer service will be willing to pay a little more... and enjoy the results. But just like Guy Kawasaki that who preached for years that you should buy a Lexus rather than a BMW so as to save several thousands of dollars... if you don't appreciate the difference, you should not pay the difference. Some want it and get it, some don't.

This is not a judgment... just an acknowledgment that we have varying needs and wants. Mass customization and further segmentation will assure that at some point we can all buy exactly what we want... change our minds, and repeat the purchase process.

As an added note: We had some serious storm this weekend here in the midwest. It knocked out all the power, and thus internet and all wireless routers in the neighborhood. I can't wait for WiMax or complete Satellite access to the net. Connectivity is sooo addictive!