31 October 2007

Pen Spinning help needed

Not wanting to be a one-trick-pony, I have decided I need to add at least one more skill to my repertoire of already impressive abilities. I have chosen pen spinning. Here is my thinking, not only do I need something for social situations... you know, the tiny canned display of dazzle that I can pull out in dull moments to amaze my friends and on-lookers (either female and/or cool people), but I also need a source of corporate distraction. I need a small politically correct activity that I can perform in meetings and boardrooms while my adversaries and enemies are presenting either damaging reports or presentations that need undermining. This of course, is just on small building block in my overall plan for corporate ascension and power acquisition. If you have the skills and the patience I need you and your skills - this will be way better than the old tap dance, back flip or even brake dancing!