10 January 2007

Yeah its a phone, but its not a phone

By now I don't even need to tell you what product I am referring to. The hype machine is in full-scale tidal wave mode and you have heard. I even heard the local evening news offering a "sneak preview" a full day after the product announcement (local news is such crap). But back to the point - this is not a phone. Apple could not call this a tablet, a pda or a pocket mac because the press would treat these as limited markets blah blah blah. Besides, Steve has eschewed these products in the past - not that he doesn’t have a history of contradictory statements, its just not the best marketing approach. Hyping this as a phone (a trojan horse in my opinion) is brilliant. The numbers are the sort that Wall Street loves, (note the stock rise of 6 bucks in a single day) and everybody is interested in a cool new phone.

Personally, I can't wait to get one. My current laptop is exactly three years old and just out of warrantee. This product promises to do everything my laptop needs to do and fits in my product. My current life allows me to sit at my desk when I need a mouse or a large display... and so be it. I am on the list. The only downside will be after 2-3 months of ownership and they announce the newer model that I REALLY want with even cooler new features.