11 April 2006

Mac on windows, windows on Mac, blah blah

Yes, yes we are all very excited about being able to increase our available desk space and hardware hassles by booting windows on our Macs. Not having to buy another junky generic PC will be great. I now have an even more delightful doorstop. But enough! Specifically enough from you obnoxious windows pundits who seem to be smirking like cats from the tree.

Nobody, and I repeat, NOBODY, craves Windows running on their Mac. But nearly every Mac user has at least one application that they would like to run - that is not available to them. Yes, I know the gamers are all out in force, but I am talking about professionals at work, striving for more productivity. IT departments that have begrudgingly allowed the graphikers to connect to the network – or worse made them attempt graphic productivity with a windows machine now have a better conduit. But do not for one minute think you will convert any of us. We have experienced the superior solution and are not about to give it up.

Personally, I hope that Apple never makes the Mac OS available for generic intel boxes. What brings reliability to the Mac is a tightly controlled OS and manufacturing standards. A closed system that prevents unwanted incompatabilities. The plethora of poorly engineered hardware and unusable software installers, to say nothing of a green acres approach to user interface renders the windows platform nearly intolerable for those of us who know better.

I like my bliss (and can tolerate my own arrogance on this issue.) I like my Macs. And if every once in a while I have to reboot or hot swap to get the most current SPSS or some other non-Mac application, I will be a happy and very productive person.

PS – Dear SPSS, I really resent being several versions behind in capabilities, just because I prefer an elegant interface!