11 January 2007

Building a killer team for innovation part (5 of 6)

The work. Just as your company receives multiple forms of currency in exchange for your work, so do your employees. You want the people on your team to have a career plan. If they are not thinking strategically about their careers, they are likely not thinking strategically about their design work. Don’t count on them working for you forever. If you manage to keep a stellar team in tact, great – but it is rare and hard to do in this age of the “free agent nation.” Allow designers to build their portfolios. Personally, it is the last criteria I consider in hiring, but it is an important take away from any job. If an employee finds a better opportunity, let them go with your blessing. Your job as team leader is to make the job exciting, challenging and worth staying for. I have never resented an employee for accepting a better opportunity, more difficult challenge, or higher pay off – and I would not work for some one who would resent me for the same.